Aquasky chosen as the perfect water partner

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Aquasky as partner

Aquasky is a proudly South African company making water from air since 2017 and using locally manufactured equipment for production. The Merit Wine and Spirit Challenge had to find a partner supplying water to panellists that would be totally odourless, and not interfere with the tasting.

AQUASKY® cultivates their water directly from the clear blue sky.

Thought that’s impossible? Well, it’s the latest thing in bottled water!

This is done by drawing in the air onto chilled coils that then cool and condense the humidity, ultimately forming the crisp yet soft drops that is AQUASKY.

Filtering and sterilising through ultraviolet light ensure the pure quality of each drop, without depleting any of the earth’s precious resources.

We call this the art of pure water !

AQUASKY took the Atmospheric Generated Aqua still further by having a direct bottling line, with PET, PLA and glass bottles in both still and sparkling waters in a range of sizes, thus entering the bottled water market like no other before it.

Made quite a splash, they did!

At the core of their service lie efficiency, sustainability and competitively-priced products.

This was achieved by their world-class bottling plant expanding from a small, hand-made factory process to a bigger, slicker operation on a wine farm in Paarl.

Using their own intellectual property to create further humidity on days when there might be none, allows AQUASKY to keep on growing. They’re now able to offer many more venues their unique products, to great acclaim and satisfaction.

AQUASKY’s glass bottle range offers the old-school style milk bottle system of returning, sterilising and recycling empties from their clients.

Recyclable AQUASKY glass bottles

They deliver fresh, newly-bottled waters, while collecting the empties and crediting clients for these empties too. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

The sustainability cycle grows by taking glass bottles from the dreaded single-use to a better multiple-use system. Goodbye, single-use plastic bottles, bane of our lives and of our oceans!

The AQUASKY glass bottles are sanitized, washed at high temperature and then refilled.

Knowing that it takes 16 times more energy to make one glass bottle than it does to collect, sterilise and refill just one bottle, this reusable system has proved vital for AQUASKY and reflects the core value system.

AQUASKY soon found their niche as hotels, restaurants and wine farms, under increasing pressure from their patrons to add further green initiative ideas, rapidly adopted AQUASKY as their preferred choice of bottled water.

Constantly trying to move away from PET, AQUASKY was one of the first companies to release a Plant-Based Bottle (PLA), made entirely of sugarcane that is 100% compostable within a few short weeks.

In addition to the PLA bottle itself, filling them with water created from natural humidity became a massive hit in the tourism market, at eco-conscious estates, on farms, golf courses, in national parks, and many hospitality venues around the beautiful city of Cape Town.

Prior to the first lockdown, the PLA bottle supply was growing exponentially for those companies that couldn’t take glass but wanted to stay clear of the plastic PET bottles. They soon found that the AQUASKY PLA bottles were a fantastic solution for them.

AQUASKY has no doubt it will continue to grow, once life & the economy return back to a more recognizable pattern for business and tourism when social activities increase once again.

AQUASKY strives for more ecologically-friendly solutions in packaging to complement their unique waters, while looking for increased opportunities to position their products as the preferred bottled water for the hospitality industry.

You can do your bit to be a more conscious consumer, too. Look for AQUASKY, ask for it when you next dine out. Create the demand for AQUASKY and help grow the market for environmentally safe bottled water.

You know you want to.

Supplying great tasting water that is safe is important. Aquasky also put an emphasis on being as environmentally friendly as possible with an exceptionally low carbon footprint. As the Merit Wine and Spirit Challenge focuses on quality and value for money, finding a partner with a quality product that offers value, made for a perfect fit.

For more information regarding Aquasky, visit https://aquasky.co.za/ or contact them at:

Phone: +27 (21) 224 0966

Contact person: Brendan

Email: brendan@aquasky.co.za