Rosendal Wines did so well at the 2021 awards, we just had to find out more about this excellent winery.


We asked Patricia Kemp to tell us more about Rosendal.

Please tell us your name, a bit about yourself, and your role in the company.

I’m Patricia Kemp, and I help the company with its marketing ventures. I’ve been in the wine industry for almost eight years and am passionate about supporting small, local wineries to gain publicity and recognition.

How do manage your company image to stay current and relevant, to appeal to younger consumers?

Since our wines are high-end, our biggest market is Gen X. However, to ensure we appeal to younger consumers, we have a more affordable, easy-drinking range of wines. Also, our goal is to stay active on social media platforms as a promotional and brand-awareness tool where younger consumers can reach us.  

What channels have you had success with, marketing to younger consumers, and does it change with time?

Instagram has proven to be most successful with the younger generations, whereas Facebook has helped reach Gen Xs. While there are constantly new social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram have proven to be trusted platforms that consumers turn to for consistency and brand-loyalty. 

Do you think there is any value in making use of social media influencers, and would you ever consider doing it, or have you perhaps tried this avenue before?

There is definitely value in using social media influencers. It is clear that more users are looking to relatable, trusted individuals for advice or product recommendations. There is a clear shift where businesses rely on influencers instead of traditional advertisements. For that reason, we are currently in the process of working with influencers and finding the perfect fit for our brand.

How often do you consider changes to your packaging, or having to create new incarnations of your wines to appeal to younger consumers?

While we haven’t changed our labels to target younger consumers specifically, we have a range of wines that naturally appeal to them. While our premium wines have a distinct look to them, our more affordable ranges have an appealing, fun feeling about them that attracts the younger consumers.

Which of your wines are the favourites among younger consumers?

We have a Cabernet-Shiraz blend that uses ‘fun’ packaging with a unique label design. Not only does the story and label appeal to younger consumers, but so does the easy-drinking nature of the wine. Additionally, our vibrant whites from our Rosendal Range have proven to be popular among consumers looking for young, vibrant wines. 

Have you found a wine preference shift over the past few years, among younger wine consumers?

There has been a consistency in the desire for easy-drinking wines among the younger consumers. As their palates develop, so do their wines preferences. But the younger generations have consistently proven to start their wine journey with the easier-drinking wines that can be enjoyed on any occasion.

If you have to plant some vineyards today that you will make wine from in five years, for the younger consumers, what cultivars would you plant?

The younger generations have proven to be more adventurous when it comes to trying new wines and cultivars. I’d definitely plant controversial varieties that are considered “unsuited” for the terroir or region. Millenials are known to support the underdog and will buy the wine simply because it is different. So, I would opt for varieties like Caberlot and Torrontes that have a unique edge and isn’t well-known in South Africa.

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