Perdeberg Cellar going into their 80th year scooped multiple Value and Gold awards at the Merit Wine and Spirit Challenge 2021


Perdeberg Cellar was founded in 1941 when Jan Rossouw, an astute local farmer, disillusioned with the poor prices being paid for grapes, suggested that the farmers of the region begin producing their own wines. They knew then, as we do now, that the unique terroir at the foot of the Paardeberg had something valuable.

The first grapes were manually pressed in 1942 and in 1944 the first board of directors and management team was formed. These early pioneers dreamt big and understood that always staying a step ahead of the pack was pivotal to producing superior quality wines.

In the competitive and unpredictable industry of wine, many would consider success as simply longevity. But for them, it is also staying true to themselves. Therefore in contemplating 80 years in winemaking, they reflected on their founding principles, the pillars on which the cellar was built and continues to grow.

To mark the venerable achievement of 80 years of existence, Perdeberg has launched a very special commemorative wine. The limited-edition Rex Equus Pioneer’s Blend offers a window into the past, present, and future of winemaking at Perdeberg, and is a true collector’s item.

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